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I got motivated this year and created some homemade Valentines with my kids. Being a photographer has ruined me! It kills me to send out the grocery store ones now when I have the ability to personalize them. My husband kept asking me, “why” and said the kids won’t appreciate them anyways. Probably true. We had fun making these though and coming up with phrases to go with their favorite candies, Laughy Taffys and Hi-Chews. However, I did go into Avery’s class for parent conferences the other day and see that her teacher had saved and pinned her Valentine to her bulletin board. See, someone did appreciated them! 🙂 The teacher bags were filled with Extra gum and Sharpie markers with the phrase “Thank you for making me EXTRA SHARP” on the side of the photo.

day 103

We had a great Valentines this year. We kept it simple and treated the kids to dinner and the Lego movie. We always feel bad leaving our kids on Valentines and going out just us two. For the past several years we have either made candle light dinners with our kids or taken them out. We want them to feel special and loved too! Ry and I celebrated together just the two of us the following night. Here’s a couple of bad, low light photos at the movie theatre. Little K was going to town on the popcorn…lol 🙂

day 103b