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Home Renovations

For the past few months we have been doing some remodeling at our house. We wanted to change things from looking so “mountain home-ish” to a little more modern. I guess you could describe our style as a combination between craftsman and traditional. We were tired of all the dark colors and wanted to brighten things up a bit and add some color accents. It’s been fun, but a little stressful too, making decisions (and agreeing on things…ha ha). We had our kitchen cabinets re-painted white with a gray island and painted the walls. We re-did all our woodwork on the main floor…baseboards, door and window trim, and added white moulding to the piano room.

We hired most of it out, but my hubby decided he wanted to tackle the fireplace mantle on his own…scary! The bids we were getting were outlandish in price, so we thought we could build it on our own for much less. He tore off all the river rock and started from scratch. We came up with a design, thanks to a combination of photos from Pinterest. The problem with renovating is once you change one thing, you have to make it all match! So the old rock fireplace simply didn’t go anymore. He did an amazing job and I love how it turned out! I am so proud of him. He surprises me everyday with all his talents.

I wish I had taken “before” photos of all the rooms, but I didn’t. Here’s all the “afters” (mostly taken with my iphone). I did find one pic I had taken after we tore all the rock off the fireplace. So I guess that can count as a “before”…or “during” photo.

Day 26