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Powers of Heaven (100 Days)

I picked up a roll of film today. I had forgotten what was on the roll, so it was like Christmas! Many of the images were from last winter.  This is only my second roll I’ve shot ever, but I am so in love with film! I love the vintage look to it. I love the grain. I love that the colors are so true to life and that I don’t have to edit!!! It’s a little pricey though, I paid $24 for scans of a roll of 36 Porta 400 film. Can’t wait to try some black and white film next!

Day two of my happiness project is a film image I took of the scriptures. They bring me happiness. I have many weaknesses and without faith I would be lost. I realize that I am the architect of my own fate and that I cannot make decisions without God and his words in my life. I know the powers of heaven are real and can influence the course of our lives dramatically if we call upon them. I am so grateful He loves me, is aware of me and that I have a purpose here on earth.

day 2