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Avery has a best friend who I adore.  They get along so well!  They rarely argue and there’s tons of giggling when they are together always! Every child needs a best friend I decided. It’s so healthy for them. I was always grateful for my best friends growing up! I think I was doing more practicing with shooting color with these images. I didn’t end up submitting them for critique though because they weren’t technically as good as I would have liked.  I had a little emotional moment the other day watching these two exchange Christmas gifts.  I was sitting in the car and they were standing in the driveway. The windows were rolled up so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. All I could see was expressions and body languange. Avery had got Sam a friendship necklace and was so excited to give it to her. They would hug, then talk, then giggle, then hug again…it was the cutest moment and got me all teary. Little moments like that is what Christmas is all about! 🙂

day 35