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Tender Mercies

December can be a month filled with reflections of our Savior, family traditions and gatherings, and holiday moments to remember. It can also be a time that many people feel that have to “endure” as they face the realities of shopping, parties, decorating, and crossing off their “to do” lists. As a mother I sometimes feel this way, but am grateful for the little moments that rescue me from my negativity and refuel my love for the season. On this day I was juggling setting up for a humanitarian event I was in charge of at my church and getting my girls ready for their year-end dance recital that night. I was running around collecting materials and making hot wassail for the event, and frantically trying to get my girl’s hair, make-up and costumes on when I got a phone call. My close friend was in labor and I was set to be the photographer at her birth. Tonight? Really? Baby was early and coming, whether we were ready or not! So I sent my girls off to their recital with money to pay for a DVD of their show so I could watch it later. Thankfully, they understood and weren’t sad. They were as excited as I was for this birth. I was grateful for the other ladies who were able to help out at the humanitarian event in my place as well. I dropped it all and headed to the hospital.

I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful and worthwhile than seeing a baby enter this world. This was the second birth I’ve photographed. Births are such a sacred experience, I truly feel so honored to be asked. So grateful to witness such a beautiful and spiritual event and for the tender mercies that took place that night…both in providing me with peace during an otherwise chaotic night, and in the events that took place at the birth.

I arrived home at midnight that night. I said a little prayer, thanking my Heavenly Father for his hand in my day and watchful care over the sweet family whom I photographed.

I told the mother I would respect her privacy and not share the images on my blog. But here’s a non-intrusive one that reminds me of the events of the night.