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6/100 Lake Powell memories

Lake Powell is a huge part of my family’s  lives. We go 2-3 times a year and stay on our houseboat for a week each time. We love it because it’s truly a vacation for all of us. There’s no internet out on the lake, so we put our devices away and just focus on each other and creating memories. I have taken MANY images of the lake over the years and honestly when I think of what brings me joy, it’s these images that come to mind. This is one of those images that I looked over. It was taken with my daughter’s point and shoot water proof camera. Thus, the quality isn’t that great. But it’s what I feel when I look at this image that matters most. I was floating in the water at sunset alone, just soaking it all in….the moment, the soft light, the quiet of being alone with the faint sound of children laughing in the distance, the refreshing crisp water, the beauty in the sandstone mountains that surrounded me. To say the least, I was in my happy place when I took this image.

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