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Ready for Santa

Our Christmas Eve was simple and quiet this year…and full of all our Christmas Eve traditions. It was just our little family. We started the day watching our videos from Santa to find out if the kids made the naughty or nice list.

Then we did a couple of last minute errands, had a candle light dinner, watched “A Christmas Story”, and the kids opened their pj’s and the gifts that they got for each other.

Mr. Peppermint the Elf said good-bye with a farewell letter and Birthday cake for Jesus…reminding the kids to remember Him and to try and be like Him.

Boston left a plate of cookies out for Santa. He’s at such a perfect believing age this year. He’s had all the questions about Santa for me this year…”How does he fit down the chimney?” “Is Rudolph the only reindeer ever with a red nose?” and “How does Santa fit a bike on his sleigh?” So cute! I will be sad when all my kids are too big to believe in Santa. 🙁


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  • CourtneyJanuary 7, 2014 - 3:51 pm

    Love reading about your traditions. I feel like our Christmas Eve is so crazy we don’t get to enjoy each other. Lovely bokeh!ReplyCancel