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Happy New Year!

A huge goal of mine was to get caught up with posting for my 365 project by today, but the celebrations just keep on going around here and I still can’t get to the computer! Oh well, that’s life. New Year’s Day I stayed home and took down Christmas and cleaned. Every year my kids love to play in the Christmas tree box the day we put the decorations away. As you can see, this box has about had it! It’s been colored on and played with for many years.


Then we had our dear friends the Johnson’s come over for dinner. I made a big crock pot of chili that tasted good on a cold day. Their oldest daughter Ashley was leaving to go back to California, so we wanted to spend time with them before they went back home. Her daughter is about Korver’s age and they are the cutest little friends. They love to give each other kisses and get into all kinds of trouble. I caught them in the bathroom brushing their teeth together. I know we will love to look back at these photos when they are older! Sometimes I wish Korver had a twin. With the 7 year gap between him and his brother he doesn’t get much play time with other toddlers.