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Welcome, Nice to Meet You!

_DSC1865smallHi I’m Jen. I am a photographer from Sandy, Utah. I’m married to an adventurous husband and I’m a stay at home mom to four beautiful kids. I pick up my camera almost every day in the name of self-expression, creativity, and love. I enjoy taking on personal projects and capturing childhood and families in all their beauty.  I say things with color, shapes, lines, light and shadow in my photography.  I am also emotionally driven in my work and aim to capture the feelings within my heart.

If you are inquiring about sessions, I am not accepting clients at this time. I am currently focusing on my family and personal photography, as well as photography mentoring.

If you are interested in mentoring with me, either in-person or online, email me at (or use the contact form below) for pricing and availability. And please feel free to email me if you want to ask me anything photography related! I enjoy chatting about photography and I’d love to hear from you!