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At Home with My Boys

I have a little Beaver living with me. He gnaws on everything! His beautiful wood crib is now ruined with little bite marks! He’s teething obviously. I have to watch him because he likes to gnaw on cupboards, drawers or anything else he can sink his teeth into. Sometimes it’s even my shoulder…ouch!

My six year old is learning to tie his shoes. I love this cute age of learning as he is learning to read, tell time, and act more like a “big” kid. I secretly took this shot while his daddy was teaching him how to tie his shoes one morning before school.

When little K is not chewing on wood he can be found in the dishwasher or the fridge too! And don’t worry about giving him toys to play with. Utensils, pots and pans, or his favorite…a box of tampons….will work just fine! With my older kids I stressed out about the cupboards and drawers being emptied out and all the messes that they got into. With this baby I realize how quickly this phase will pass and I think it is so adorable. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a baby, so I am really enjoying the ride this this time around.