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Best Day Ever…

…for this little guy! My baby turned one today! Seems like I just had him. The year flew by in lightening speed. We had a fun party for him and celebrated with friends and family. He didn’t really know what was going on when we placed his cake in front of him…but he soon found out! I let him just go for it and get as messy as he wanted. He loooved his chocolate cake! I’m pretty sure he ate himself sick. If it wasn’t freezing outside I would have taken him outside and hosed him down after he was done. He was covered in chocolate from head to toe!

Carrying on the gratitude theme for November, today I am grateful that we chose to bring him to our family. There’s a 10 year gap between my oldest and my youngest so it has been so fun for her and my other kids to have a baby brother in the family. He entertains us daily and brings such a happy spirit into our home. My kids still fight over who gets to give him kisses first on their way out the door to school every morning and who gets to be the first one to hold him when he wakes up.

I am so blessed to be his mother. He has such a sweet and calm disposition. He hardly ever fusses, sleeps 11 hours at night, and eats whatever he is given! I really got lucky with him. I don’t think I could have handled a high maintenance baby for my fourth. He has learned to just go with the flow and craziness around here. I thank the heavens above he still lets me cuddle him. As my last baby I am eating up every baby cuddle moment I can. This year was a little different for me staying home with a baby. It’s been awhile and I forgot how much work babies are! But I could hardly complain as I knew I would look back on this time in my life and realize that it was just a blink of my eye.

Happy 1st Birthday little one.

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  • LaurieNovember 14, 2012 - 11:47 pm

    Love his little chocolate beard 🙂 So sweet, Jen. Love the pictures as usual!ReplyCancel