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Closet Light

I have been trying to get more comfortable with shooting in various types of light that I normally wouldn’t use in my home. One of these is overhead tungsten light, which normally I detest because of the yellow color cast and dark shadows under eyes that results. I’ve learned that you can make the best of any light, with the right perspective/angles and creativity. I took these images in a dark room where the only light was coming from the closet in front of my son.

I recently purchased an Expo Disc to help me set correct white balance and exposure. I am so thrilled with it! I wasn’t very successful at setting WB using Kelvin. And auto WB never quite got the color temperature right either. It was always a guessing game for me. The Expo Disc has made my life so much easier! It’s been so great for indoor shooting in difficult lighting situations where you have color casts coming from everywhere. Finally, I can shoot indoors and get good color…yipppeee! Here’s another shot from this series, but in color. Not sure which one I like better.