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Film and little feet (100 Days)

These images were also on my roll of film I got back yesterday. They make me happy! I’m embracing the grain with my film images. I actually like it! I realized after the fact that I needed a higher film speed for these indoor images, but I needed to use the film that was loaded at the time.

Korver loves the ipad and my iphone. But I have to limit his screen time or he’ll want it all day. However, I am amazed at how much he has learned through his learning apps. Shapes, colors, letters, puzzles, math…he is way more advanced than my other three were at his age. I am blown away at how he can navigate my iphone. He’s two, and he knows how to find people in my contacts and call them (sorry in advance to everyone who gets a surprise call from him) and navigate through my apps, photos and videos. It’s crazy how different this generation is being raised and the things they are exposed to than even 10 years ago!

It wasn’t the ipad that I loved in this image, however, it was his cute little feet peeking out from underneath that made me smile the most. 🙂

day 3bday 3