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Baby Tripp

My good friend Kristin asked me to do a lifestyle session with her family and new baby boy. I really feel like I’ve found my place in photography with lifestyle. I am so happy with how these images turned out! What a true honor it was to capture this sweet time of life for them.

rockwood collage

My heart sings…

…during sessions like these. This was the first half of the family session I did for my Beloved Collective class final. So so fun! I loved every minute of it. I also know and adore this family, so it was a pleasure and honor to shoot with them.  Lifestyle sessions are where my heart is. I hope to focus more on these type of sessions in the future.

Evanson family

Project 365 | Week 2-3

I pulled some of my favorite 365 images from the last couple of weeks.

A quick recap:

-We attended the World Cup Freestyle Competition in Park City.
-Korver danced in his undies and played piano with his favorite buddy Kash.
-Boston took advantage of one of the only days with sunshine/no smog and practiced tricks on his new scooter.
-Avery took a long nap after a late night sleepover.
-Brooklyn got caught up on her school work.

I love that these little everyday moments are captured. I feel like shooting daily teaches me to observe and appreciate our daily blessings.

week 2-3

The missing link

For awhile now I’ve struggled with how to capture the real, beautiful side of people…you know, who they really are.  I would say, “pretend you are laughing at each other,” then snap the picture. But then I’d look at the image and know in my heart it wasn’t a genuine moment. I was constantly unsatisfied with my work.

I mentioned in this post that I had discovered a new approach called Beloved that helps bring out genuine moments and emotion during sessions. In a nutshell, the Beloved Collective is… an emerging portrait based photographic genre that celebrates and emphasizes the importance of relationship. Blending the visual aesthetic of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism, the Beloved Technique gives photographers a simple way to create meaning-rich, fulfilling and valuable experiences and imagery for those they photograph and themselves.” 

I just finished a class to learn more about the theory behind it and all I can say is “wow!” This is the missing link I’ve been searching for! As part of the final to pass the class we had to shoot a session using the beloved techniques and ideas that we had learned. It was a beautiful experience. One that I will never forget. I was blown away at what a meaningful and heartfelt session it was both for me, and for the family. We danced, laughed, cried, and shared special moments together. My favorite being when the husband surprised his wife with a letter he had written for her. I asked him ahead of time to write the letter, and not share it wither her until the session. It was very touching. I also invited them to do some silly games, share thoughts, and manifest their love in different ways. Not your traditional, pose and say cheese experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE  everything about this approach. It’s so ME!!

This week I received a letter from my friend Ashley who I did the session with. She said, “I can’t wait to frame the beautiful photos you took. I scroll through them every day and remember how I felt when you took them. Thank you for that beautiful, personal experience.”

What an honor it was to be in their presence and to witness the love between them.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart for allowing me see the authentic sides of them. I can’t wait to integrate all that I learned into my photography from now on!

Evanson couple


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  • Tami CJanuary 29, 2015 - 1:21 am

    These are so wonderfully emotional. Beautiful, beautiful work.ReplyCancel

Project 365 | Week One

Here we go again! Since my 365 project that I completed in 2010 I have tried, but failed to finish another year. But this year I am determined! I absolutely love the images I capture when I shoot everyday. It forces me to pause and appreciate the everyday little things and pushes my creativity to new levels. I am in a facebook group with about 20 women who are doing 365 projects as well. We are encouraging each other and sharing our images when we can. I am hoping with their help and encouragement I can keep going. Wish me luck! I will try and post my images once a week. Here’s my first week! We lit lanterns to kick off the New Year, I set goals to read more, expand my artistic vision through watercolor painting and learning Adobe Illustrator (images to come), and we enjoyed a week up at our condo at Deer Valley skiing, napping, relaxing and playing in the bath. Now it’s back to reality. The holidays were a busy blur and now I’m ready to get back to our normal routine! I’m excited for a new year and all we have planned. My goals are simple.

  • Build stronger connections with loved ones
  • Educate myself spiritually (read scriptures regularly)
  • Educate myself mentally (read more in general)
  • Educate others (teach photography classes)
  • Stay true to what makes me happy as an artist (100% from the heart always)
  • Simplify…my house, my schedule, my spending
  • Keep a gratitude journal (my 365 project will help me with this)
  • Don’t take life too seriously!

week one

Park City Barn Family

I’ve been wanting to spend more time shooting at the McPolin Barn in Park City for some time now. I was grateful this wonderful family was willing to meet me up there. It’s about a 30 minute drive from my house, but it was a beautiful day so it was worth the effort! I went to college with this couple. I adore them so much. I was in heaven capturing their beautiful family and the love they share. They ended up ordering a huge gallery wrap of the kids and I can’t wait to see it!

Holiday Joy

A few weeks before Christmas I shot a session with one of my favorite young families. We knew we wanted to do a snow session, but there was no snow in the valley. We waited and waited until it was getting too close to Christmas, so I decided we would head up into the mountains to find it! The light was perfect and I loved the white aspen tree trunks mixed with the evergreens and snow. We hiked through a foot of snow in some places, but it was worth it for the beautiful images. I have photographed this couple’s wedding, birth of their little girl, and now their little family. What an honor to witness and capture the love they have between them.

Her World

I had the privilege of capturing the hearts of this awesome family last month. The mother is my hairdresser/friend/therapist…ha ha. I’ve gone to her for as long as I can remember and she’s so talented! It was a little cold and windy, but we still had fun and I loved what we got. My favorite images are the ones of mother and son as she is sharing with him a favorite memory of him. These children are her world as a single mother and my hope was to capture the sweet relationship she has with them. Beautiful family.




Shooting from the heart

I’m excited to share this session! I’ve photographed this family several times and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy capturing the love they have between them. I left this session on a high, knowing I shot with my heart and captured who they are inside. I’m really trying to change the way I shoot. I want people to FEEL something when they look at my work. This year I’ve had feelings of burnout. I was tired of doing all the stiff posey stuff, and craved more depth and emotion in my images, but didn’t know exactly how to take it to that next level.

While at the Clickaway Conference in September I had the privilege of attending a class by photographer Jesh deRox. The moment I saw him on stage with his shoes off I knew I loved him…ha ha. He talked about breaking down the walls people have when they come to a session and helping them connect, by being authentic myself, and by creating conversation that will illicit authenticity. Jesh had the whole audience in tears. We were so moved by the demonstration he did with the models and by all the positive, encouraging thoughts he had to share. After the class, I couldn’t wait to shake his hand and thank him for inspiring me once again.

After the conference I couldn’t wait to adopt the Beloved Collective into my work. This session is one of the first that I used this approach. It lit a fire within me and now I’m hooked! I’m loving what I do again, and feel I have finally discovered the missing link in my style. This month I’ve started a six week training to become a better Beloved photographer. I’m so excited for all the growth that I know will come from this! Here’s to new beginnings!

snow family

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  • TamiNovember 4, 2014 - 4:25 pm

    These are beautiful! I had the same conversation with my husband this weekend – I’m done with posed. Thanks for the inspiration! These are really lovely.ReplyCancel

True personalities

This family was so darling to photograph! All these handsome boys in their bowties and suspenders were killing me! This is the second time I’ve captured this sweet family, so we were all used to each other I think. We had a lot of fun making each other laugh, playing games, and the boys loved feeding the horses. When I posted one of these images on Instagram the mom said that I had captured their true personalities. I’m pretty sure that’s the highest compliment someone can give me! Thanks Kylie, so fun to see you again!

Welling family