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Ipad Light

Carrying on with the gratitude theme, I am thankful for technology. I have a love/hate relationship with it, however, as it can consume valuable family time or time being productive doing more important things! I’ve been trying to set limits for myself lately as far as my computer time goes. (As you can tell, I’m way behind on posting!) It’s so easy for me to get sucked into Facebook, blogging or Pinterest! I realized recently that my family needs me to just hang out with them and shoot the breeze sometimes, which is hard for me to do, but I always enjoy the downtime/bonding time when I do it.

In this image I was experimenting with iPad light photography as suggested in my workshop. I will definitely play around with this type of light more. I love the soft glow it gives. My kids always fight over who gets to play on the iPad. The other day I found Brooklyn hiding behind the couch playing in the dark while little K watched. I grabbed the camera as I knew this was my chance to practice with ipad light!