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Letters to our Children Jan.

This year I am joining with six other extremely talented photographers in writing Letters To Our Children, once a month. We will be doing a blog circle where we link to the next person’s blog/letter at the end of our post. Feel free to follow the circle from blog to blog if you want to be inspired by all the breathtaking images and letters. And be prepared to cry! We are all mothers from all over the country who share a common thread, and I have been so blesssed to call these ladies my friends!

My goal is to have four letters written to each of my children with photos that I can put in a book at the end of the year to give them for Christmas. Since my Bosty boy is turning 7 tomorrow, I will write to him first…

Dear Boston,

You are turning seven tomorrow and you have been so excited for you Birthday! You have been talking about it since Christmas and now the day has finally come! Your wishes for your Birthday include skiing with Dad, indoor skydiving at iFly, a night of games at Planet Play, and a trip to Toys R Us to pick out a favorite toy. Sadly, we won’t be able to do all those things, but we are excited to celebrate with you! Since we did a party with friends last year, this year will be just our family. These Birthdays are mommy’s favorite because I can just focus on YOU and creating memories as a family.

You are my awesome boy and I”m so proud of you and all that you are becoming. When you lost your first tooth the week of Christmas and as you are learning to read so good in 1st grade this year, I am reminded how big you are getting. Although you seem to prefer your dad most of the time, it is very special to mommy when you walk up to me with a sad little face in need of a hug. It makes my heart happy to feel you still need me to comfort you and give you loves when you are sad. I hope you know I am always here to listen and comfort you no matter how old you get!

You are “all boy”, a rough and tumble kinda kid, who loves to wrestle with your dad, play sports with your buddies, and run around outside and get dirty. As my firstborn son, you have taught me all about what it’s like to raise a son. What a joy it is! Just like your dad, you have no fear and like to try new things no problem, especially if your dad encourages you! You learned to ride a bike with no training wheels when you were 3, jump off cliffs at Lake Powell when you were 4, and do back flips on the trampoline when you were 6! Although it makes mom a little nervous sometimes, I know you are happiest when you are challenging yourself to do something hard. Keep doing hard things, it will always help you progress throughout your life.

Right now you are going through a little phase (we hope it’s a phase) that sometimes makes daddy and I giggle, and sometimes tests our patience. Every morning you are very concerned about what you will wear that day. It’s not typical for boys to care about these things, but we think it is your way of wanting to control something in your life. So, most of the time we let you choose. You like to lay out your clothes the night before to get ready for the next day. Usually your favorite outfits are shorts and T-shirst (which is where we battle, especially in January!), black socks only, and no buttons or collars or sweaters/coats that will “make you hot”. Once in awhile you surprise us when we go shopping by choosing a hipster looking vest and a collared shirt with colored pants and Vans…ha ha! Daddy about died when mommy came home with mustard yellow pants for you one day. To daddy’s dismay, those pants are your favorite of all time! 

Thank you for being a good sport most of the time when I want to take your picture. I know how fast you are growing up and I want to always remember you the way you are right now….my sweet seven year old precious boy. Mommy loves you. Happy Birthday Bosty!

Love, Mommy

As I mentioned above, I hope that you will follow our blog circle around and see the other’s inspiring images & letters. This month I’m linking to my friend Melissa Noste, who also writes as a contributor with me for Click It Up a Notch. I have had so much fun getting to know her this past year. She is truly talented.

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  • Amanda NortonJanuary 25, 2013 - 5:05 pm

    Ah, I love his mustard pants! What a handsome boy. Happy birthday to him! What a special time to get to write this letterReplyCancel

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    Another tear jerker! You have a way with words Jen. Happy Birthday Boston! How fast they grow! Can’t wait to see pics of your fun day!ReplyCancel