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Letters to our children June

This month I shot a TON of pictures of my little Korver because I took a class through Clickinmoms and he was the most cooperative child when it came time to shoot for assignments. So, he will be the one who I will write to this time.

Follow the blog circle around to all my talented photographer friends and be inspired by their words and images. Next up, visit Laurie Flickinger’s blog. Laurie and I have been friends since 2010 when we did project 365’s together. I adore her and admire her work so much!

My dear sweet baby,

You are loved. alot. by so many…including your bestie Ivory who loves to give you kisses!

You are 19 months old now and mommy is hanging on to every bit of your babyhood before you turn into a “kid.” Mommy is in panic mode as she realizes you are her last baby and will never have a baby again. Her favorite things to photograph are…your feet because they are still chubby, you with nothing but a diaper on because you look especially babylike that way, and you drinking your “baba” because it’s nearly the only time when you are still!

You are used to the camera now. You act as if you don’t notice it anymore. You probably think it’s a third limb growing from mommy’s hands…ha ha!

You bring so much joy to our family. In a confusing and difficult world you remind us of all that is pure and good and innocent. Your brother and sisters fight over who gets to snuggle with you, sit by you, hold you, play with you. You are learning to say their names in your own little way. You look for them in their beds first thing in the morning because you are so excited to see them. They protect you and let you come to them with open arms.

You are a VERY active baby. You like to climb, climb, climb! You also like to get into cupboards, draw on the walls, get into snacks and art supplies, and make messes ALL. DAY. LONG! Mommy is exhausted at the end of the day trying to keep up with you. But between the messes, you give her kisses (you can pucker now instead of doing “open mouth” kind!), big smiles, and “loves” that magically make it all seem ok.

You are almost able to climb out of your crib. Mommy and daddy are crossing their fingers that you will go a little longer without figuring that out!

You love to be outside with the big kids pushing your little skateboard and ride toys around. You escaped from the house the other day from a door that wasn’t closed all the way. Mommy found you in the arms of your neighbor Brooke who rescued you from the middle of the street!!! Scared mommy half to death!

You still let mommy rock you to sleep sometimes. I hold on to those moments dearly, closing my eyes, taking in your smell, touch, the way your breathing gets heavy as you fall asleep in my arms. I touch your cheek on mine every night and say “good night Baby Love”. That is the nickname that mommy has called you since you were newborn. It will be a sad day when that name no longer applies.

Mommy just wants you to know how special you are as the youngest child in your family. Your sweet disposition and loving qualities have blessed the lives of your family since the day you took your first breath. You came to this earth with an incredible spirit that brings peace and love to the hearts of all those who meet you.

Thank you for being my baby. I adore you my sweet Baby Love and am honored to be your mother..

Love, Mommy

  • LaurieJune 21, 2013 - 12:11 pm

    Jen! These are all amazing! I ove the dramatic lighting and the black and whites! My fave is the one of the Gil’s on the bed and K trying o get in on the convo 🙂 and as always, well written.ReplyCancel

  • TamiJuly 9, 2013 - 6:06 am

    Love both shots of his little climbing toes. 🙂ReplyCancel

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