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Letters To Our Children-May

This month I am writing a letter to my oldest daughter Brooklyn, who is 12. My intention was to take her out and do a little photo shoot with her, but life has been so crazy busy lately that it just didn’t happen! So, I’ll post a few pictures from our hike we went on a couple of weeks ago. I loved quietly observing Brooklyn while we were on the hike that day. I remember thinking about her as we were walking up the trail…

Dear Brooklyn,

I want to write to you about trust. This is a subject that has come up a lot this year as we have been watching you blossom into a beautiful little lady. In sixth grade you have seen a lot of changes in your friends and yourself. Physical changes and emotional changes as your friends are focusing more on relationships and status among their peers. You’ve learned who to trust, which friends will stand by you no matter what, and which ones are only nice on certain days. You are learning what it means to be a true friend with good character who doesn’t point out your flaws, but rather, loves you for who you are. I love our little talks about what your friends do and say to you at school. I remember being 12. It’s a tough age! Just know that I understand and I am here to talk always.

Dad and I believe in the importance of earning one’s trust. Relationships are built on trust. When you trust someone completely you are able to more fully love, support, and give of yourself to them. We have had talks with you recently about how you can earn our trust by showing more responsibility. Many of your friends have phones and are being given freedoms (like going to the mall and movies with no adults) that we aren’t convinced you are ready for. We have had talks about this and you’ve been trying so hard to show us you are responsible.

Recently there have been little moments where I have been so proud of you Brooklyn. You seem to be able to watch the clock and keep track of your schedule on your own now, you show kindness and sensitivity to other’s feelings better now, and you mother your little brother in a way that gets all emotional inside. You shower him with kisses and cuddles and play with him when he needs attention. You take his hand when he is in danger, and teach him little things about life. Watching you with him lately, I am convinced you will be a wonderful mother someday. I love that I can go places and have complete trust that you can care for your baby brother.

I have loved watching you grow and mature Brooklyn and I hope you will always remember the importance of being trustworthy and kind. Love you my sweet.

Love, Mommy (You still call me that and I love it!)

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  • LaurieMay 15, 2013 - 7:28 pm

    What a sweet child. I lave no doubt that all of your children are going to turn out just fine. They are loved. I love all of these! Especially the one of B helping C with the rocks. What a sweet moment. And as always, you have a way with words 🙂ReplyCancel