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Mother’s Day Joy

I had a perfect Mother’s Day yesterday. I spoke at my church about what being a mother means to me. They had a young mother (me), a middle aged mother and a grandmother each speak. It was neat to hear our unique perspectives on motherhood at different stages in our lives. I was so uplifted by the other two amazing women. I think being a mother is the most difficult, yet the most important and rewarding job there is. There are a lot of women I know that do not like Mother’s Day because it reminds them of the mother they wish they could be. I know I am not the perfect mother and I am lacking in many ways. I think every mother nurtures and raises her children the best that she knows how and we all do it differently according to what works for us and our families. I have to remind myself often that I am enough and my kids don’t expect me to be any different. In fact they love you because of who you are, your uniqueness, and the special way you show your love to them!

After church my hubby and kids cooked meals for me and cleaned. I was able to sneak in a nap, which was hea-ven! My kids gave me some darling home made gifts and cards they made at school. And they let me do what makes me most happy…take pictures! Here’s a few from the day. I love my kiddos so much. I am blessed.