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Sweet Evelina

I needed a few images taken with my Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 50 Optic to use in my review I’m writing for Click It Up A Notch this week.  So I asked my cute friend Kristin if I could take some pictures of her adorable daughter Evelina. (Only the 1st image in this post was taken with that lens, the rest was with my Sigma 35mm).

I was on Cloud 9, not only to be able to shoot lifestyle images, but to shoot a beautiful little girl and her mommy. I love the connection between mothers and their children. It stirs something deep inside my heart. Reminds me of all the goodness of what it means to be a mommy myself.

Anyways, here’s my favs from the session. A huge THANK YOU to Kristin for your time and efforts in pulling together some props and cute outfits and for loaning me your cutie. Evelina