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Valentines Flowers

I was really excited to find out our assignment this week for my macro class was to shoot flowers. How perfect for Valentines week! I made it easy on my husband and told him all I wanted for Valentines was him (he liked that…ha ha) and a bouquet of beautiful flowers that I could shoot.

I found shooting flowers to be super time consuming because there’s so many creative options! I spent two hours one morning shooting one bouquet. Once I get in the zone, I have a hard time stopping. I must have taken over 200 photos!

I used colored scrapbook paper as my background for several of these. My favorite one was the lily (bottom pic). I loved how you could see the pollen dust so clearly and the stems seemed to be reaching for the light. I placed the lily on a sheet of glass to get the reflection. A couple of these are a little noisy because I had to crank up my ISO as I was losing light. But I’m too lazy to work on them in Photoshop so they will have to do! Here’s my favorites.