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Project 365 | Week One

Here we go again! Since my 365 project that I completed in 2010 I have tried, but failed to finish another year. But this year I am determined! I absolutely love the images I capture when I shoot everyday. It forces me to pause and appreciate the everyday little things and pushes my creativity to new levels. I am in a facebook group with about 20 women who are doing 365 projects as well. We are encouraging each other and sharing our images when we can. I am hoping with their help and encouragement I can keep going. Wish me luck! I will try and post my images once a week. Here’s my first week! We lit lanterns to kick off the New Year, I set goals to read more, expand my artistic vision through watercolor painting and learning Adobe Illustrator (images to come), and we enjoyed a week up at our condo at Deer Valley skiing, napping, relaxing and playing in the bath. Now it’s back to reality. The holidays were a busy blur and now I’m ready to get back to our normal routine! I’m excited for a new year and all we have planned. My goals are simple.

  • Build stronger connections with loved ones
  • Educate myself spiritually (read scriptures regularly)
  • Educate myself mentally (read more in general)
  • Educate others (teach photography classes)
  • Stay true to what makes me happy as an artist (100% from the heart always)
  • Simplify…my house, my schedule, my spending
  • Keep a gratitude journal (my 365 project will help me with this)
  • Don’t take life too seriously!

week one